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Pointless post :D

13 Oct

I’ve been in some really shitty mood for the past 3 days! I wanted to blog but my mind was numb!

Well, I’m reporting live from Hamra 🙂

I have spent the whole day walking around, actually my feet really hurt and I have a killer headache! Waiting for a friend to finish his class..

For some reason I can’t stop laughing!

Oh here he is 🙂 my friend I mean! He sends his regards to all!

Hmm till he decides what he’ll eat, I’ll continue my post 🙂

Oh :/ he is done :/

Okay I’m out.




7 Oct

One of my favorite movies ever!

I just love Twitchy 😀

Shit Happens

6 Oct

Well, according to Sigmund Freud a person would actually get pleasure shitting. This theory can be as well proven biologically! Thus we can’t blame shit for the turns of misfortune, can we?!! Personally, I find no pleasure in fate messing around like this :/

Eno ya 7abibi

خدلك جانب إيجابي من راحتي أو عذابي
أما السلبيّة ديّة أرحم منها البعاد

Again I’m torn between fighting for what I want, or just accepting whatever happens and have faith in the twists of fate.
Are those obstacles part of the game? Or the game is actually over?

Yeah it’s crucial to fight for what you want! That’s like a principle to me. But It’s important to choose your battles!
It’s important to figure out if the battle is worth fighting for!

Considering the last 8 months, I think it’s either I’m the target of a conspiracy, a scheme to fail me :/ hehehe .. Or it’s that God shows his love in the weirdest ways 😀

Oh I almost forgot! To listen to George Wassouf’s complete song “العوازل” you can download it from here.

While searching the song one of the search results was about “العوازل الكهربائية” 😀 that just made my day!

خدلك جانب إيجابي من راحتي أو عذابيA

The 5th of October

5 Oct

It’s mom’s birthday 🙂

Happy birthday my beautiful one 😀

I still watch you and learn, mom!

You are still my ideal, my only unbroken statue…

We disagree on almost everything most of the time; we argue, we yell… I tear, you tear… we talk… then we continue our morning coffee… 🙂

I know I could be a real pain sometimes, I know I make mistakes and as you always forgive me you punish me by being always nice, caring and loving… then I realize how low I can be.

I wish I can be like you… strong as you are.

Holding my principles against the whole world, never compromising what I believe in.

But mom… life had stripped me of my humanity… life made me doubt my own self, my self-built principles! I went off the road; I became everything I despised while growing up!

Life did break me…

But you were stronger than life itself.

You conquered all your demons and never sold your soul. You never, not only for one second, thought about vengeance and you never held a grudge!

The sun shines only for you today mom… but you have shined for us every single day in our lives.

Let your pure light illuminates our pathways into the future… now and forever


Jadal between a lute and a flute

4 Oct

Extracts from my friend’s concert back on the 13th of august 🙂

Great job you guys!

Enjoy 🙂