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Where I’ve been in the past 3 days!

26 May

In 3 days I visited more places in Lebanon than I had in 20 years, south, north and Bekaa.. I loved the road, the regions and the people yet I hated the company!! Well I’m in major hate-love relation with my job. These trips are some of the things that make me thrilled about it though.

So here is where I have been the past 3 days 😀

Lebanon map

I work in a non-governmental organization that empowers rural women economically, especially  those living near the borderlines..

An awesome job, eh! (Don’t get too excited, wait for the next post :/)

I didn’t take pictures since it wasn’t really about the scenery only, it was one intense experience that you need to live for yourself :).

I know that this is not a decent post :/ but I’m dead tired!!


Wake Me Up When September Ends

23 May

My first attempt to shade with a pencil :))

And I love that song 🙂 “wake me up when September ends” by Green Day.

It’s been seven years already…


16 May

Seven years ago, I had no cell phone nor did we have a landline phone.

I didn’t have a 24\7 access to internet. There was no facebook, no twitter … nothing of those “connect with people” websites or whatever they are called.

Now I am surrounded by people the whole time… my friends are so close… tons of people are only a click away…


I never felt this lonely.