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On emotions and survival

19 Dec

trivial, all is trivial
before an norm, a verse, a belief

and I am no better

In the end you are truly alone
and that belief is all u got
to fight for it
to fight with it

there might be overlapping in those circles we wander in
but they would never intersect

humans were never social creatures
they lied to us

we were unicellular ‘opportunistic’ organisms
and now we are multicellular “so-phisticated” opportunistic organisms

and yet again we witness our own death
over and over and over again

share all, and all is trivial
give away
because what you give is invaluable in the first place
feed your arrogance
never keep a record of how many of your selves died

and never share yourself
because you are too vain
too arrogant

tomorrow holds nothing better
it will never do