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Geometric life

4 Oct

Courtesy of Fady Nammour

Life is not linear, there are lots of ups and downs indeed but an oscillating system, a wave that fades away as the forces initiating it decrease against resistance, is not the case.

If so, then a human really dies a bit everyday till he ceases to exist!
But again, this is not the case!

Physics can’t be always applied to life, a reaction is never equal and opposite to an action and there exists no axis! You are not an axis nor anyone is.

What looked like oscillating waves from within are nothing but interlinked spirals and circles.

You do something good, get compliments.. your ego inflates a bit, and you’re going up a spiral system..

You go round and round and round and the way up never seems to end!
Then one slip and you’re going down along the same trajectory, your self-confidence hits the wall and shatters into sharp pieces that cut you.

You’re stuck..
Hanged upside down in the darkness, gasping for air.

Then you trap yourself in a triangle of reality, with what you want, what you have to do and others being the vertices.

You spend your life running along the sides to create equilibrium.. but you’re still imprisoned in your triangle! You wish it’s an equilateral one! But life doesn’t give anyone what they want!

Drop the triangle!! Drop the spiral path and be a point! Just a dot!

From a dot infinite number of lines can be drawn, infinite numbers of circles..
Run along the circles, every dot in it is an opportunity for another one!

As you initiate a circle you grow up a bit.
As you complete a circle you get to know yourself a bit more…

And to make a full circle, you have to go back to where you have started.. to finish.


فتات نفس حطمها اليأس III المهمة التالية

2 Oct

سرقت الروح
القلب تحطّم
والجسد مستباح
وما تبقّى لكم؟

يتسلل الإحباط إلى إطار الجسد
يترسب في أسفل الأطراف أولاً
تتعسر الحركة
ليس هناك من مقاومة
لن تقاتل بعد الآن

إختُرِقتْ الحواجز
وسقطت الدفاعات

اليأس بدأ يشل الحركة

ترقد في سريرك ليلاً
وتشعر به..
تشعر باليأس يسري في العروق
كأنك تراه في الشرايين

وترى الطاقة تخمد..
تنظر إلى أصابعك.. لا ترى سوى شحوب أصفر

وغداً صباحاً، عندما تبحث عنك في المرآة لن تجد نفسك
لم تتحول إلى مصاص دماء
إنّما النور في عينيك إنطفأ

لست أعمى
ما زلت ترى الناس
تشعر بهم..
تحبّهم وتكرههم.. وتكرههم.. تكرههم
و تحبّهم..

وتريد الإبتعاد والهرب
لا تريد القتال.. ولماذا تقاتل

وتتحول إلى أكثر ما كنت تمقت
تتحول إلى عميل
تريد تطبيق النظام
تنخرط في المنظومة

ثم تجد إنعكاسك،
تجده في عميلٍ آخر
تكسر مرآتك، وأنت إنعكاس الآخر

تصبح سجين نفسك
وجلّاد غيرك
أنت السجن الآن

أنت لا غيرك
بت غرفة رطبة.. عفنة
لا تدخلها الشمس

ومن نافذتك الصدئة
ترى عصفوراً يحلّق

ها أنت هناك.. تحلق
البارحة فقط كنت أنت نفسك.. هناك

والآن أنت جزء من المنظومة..
مهمتك: العصفور في القفص قبل غروب الشمس


Courtesy of Fady Nammour


وقوف متكرر

19 Sep

لبنان 75

حاجز.. زلمتين

بارودة ع كتف الأول
وفرد ع خصر التاني، نافخو

وعشر عيون خلف كل ساتر

كلمة وحدة:

وكلّك ع بعضك حقّك خرطوشة…

لبنان 010

بناية وزلمتين

فاتحه، سيف، صليب.. بعقد مزيّن رقبتو

المنطقة داعمتو
وعشر عيون ع كل شبّاك

سؤال واحد!
من وين حضرتكن؟

وكلّك ع بعضك ما بتسوى لبطة

واقع الأهل بين مفهومي العيال كبرت واللهو الخفي

13 Feb

لأي مدى واصل معَك/معِك اللهو الخفي عن أعين الوالد والوالدة يللي مفكرين إنو عيونن عليكن عشرة عشرة؟

قد يكون مفهوم “اللهو الخفي” جديد على الأهالي الكرام أو حتى غريب لا بل مستهجن وإن كانوا من أفضل ممارسيه قبل دخولهم عالم الأبوة/الأمومة (بخاطرهن أو تحت الضغط المجتمعي والتقاليد والسخام المعروف بـ العنوسة.. ).
ومنعاً أو إستباقاً لإنطلاق أعنّة الخيال عند أصحاب وصاحبات الخيال الجموح، “اللهو الخفي” هو أي شي بتعملو بالمخفي عن أهلك.. من السيجارة بالتواليت، لـ فبركة كذبة كرمال سهرة.. لأي شي حضرتكن مقتنعين إنو مزبوط.

اللهو الخفي خاصتي واصل لدرجات لا بأس بها بشكل انّو عم ينمّي مهاراتي بالإقناع والعمل تحت الضغط النفسي الشديد.
الحلو باللهو الخفي إنو بيطلع في أفكار خلاقة بشكل ما طبيعي، يعني أنا ع يللي بعملو خايفة من ولادي بالمسقبل البعيد وشو رح يطلع معن؟!!
الله ينجينا من الآت


16 Jan

He got a perfect face! A face that girls adore and guys envy..but when he is alone, he looks at his face in the mirror..his finger follows that large scar along his cheek and a tear streams down that scar..

As we grow older we grow more fragile and less immune. When we are kids we fall, we get all kind of bruises and wounds that are healed with a kiss, 2 weeks later even the scar (most of the times) disappear.

Then we grow older, “more experienced” and wounds leave a very visible scar that we see even if it disappears and we try to hide it with every kind of cosmetics.

if someone seems to be over nice… be sure that he’s sooo mean
if someone seems to be sarcastic… then be sure that he’s sooo nice deep inside
if someone seems mean then he’s so fragile deep inside

Roula Al-Masri

A defense mechanism probably!!
But why we need those mechanisms? Why we are always defensive? Why we are always afraid?

Gaza lives on

28 Dec

I’ll borrow my friend’s words here ” عذراً.. نحن لا نلبس الحداد على الشهداء”! Which translates to ” Sorry..but we don’t mourn the martyrs”

The following video is prepared by the Never Before Campaign and here is their channel on youtube!

They have produced many videos and other material to support the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Help them grow and get well known, subscribe to their channel or follow their page on facebook or twitter!

Malcolm X once said: “You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can’t come to him with peace. Why goodnight! He’ll break you in two, as he has been doing all along. If a man speaks French, you can’t speak to him in German. If he speaks Swahili, you can’t communicate with him in Chinese. You have to find out, what does this man speak? Once you know his language, learn how to speak his language. He’ll get the point, there will be some dialogue, some communication, and some understanding will be developed.
… But don’t ever think they are going to do it on some morality basis, no. So I don’t believe in violence, that’s why I want to stop it.”

Zionists had used every method (violence, publicity, faking history…) to get to their goals;  Let’s fight them with their own weapons!

Let us increase the awareness about what’s really happening. Not for the public opinion nor for the “United Nations”, but to educate the youth about the real Palestine, to reject the false claims and to fight in the real war!

Searching for balance

26 Dec

In November I started my first “real” job 🙂 and since then my life was turned upside down. It was like all of a sudden there exists no one but me and nothing but my job.
I didn’t even know about a dear friend’s nervous breakdown, job quitting and moving back to her hometown.
My other friend spent a week at the hospital, and I just knew today! Birthdays passed without me noticing!
My sister got mad at me the other day as she didn’t like my new attitude of “independence”.

It’s not independence, and it’s not being away on purpose :/!
Sometimes people get caught up with what they are doing that it gets really difficult to pay attention to things going around!
My apologies to all dear friends (shall I mention names?!! Naaaah kil wa7ad/we7de bya3ref/bta3ref 7alo/7ala* :P)

P.S: you have to deal with this situation a couple of months more :D!

*Gender Tolerance :/
For real?! Some people got nothing to do, so they just dig deep and hard for things to rebel against!