That was Zouz’s previous header..

In it I have summed up all the figures that I thought would represent me.. memories, passions, places, people or just a look on an old forgotten face!!

It’s true.. those are all a part of, but they can never represent who I am! They maybe represent who I was..  a figure with borders.. fitting in one, solid  space,  surrounded with many incompatible figures..

..in a desperate attempt to survive, I have built a virtual present from the past.  A world that crashed oh so many times, and I was just too stubborn to admit it!

Or was I too afraid to believe..


Today, I am no less afraid and I’m still stubborn as always, yet I no longer carry the burdens of the past.

This new header, is a shot I took at Mohtaraf Remal in Amman-Jordan.


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