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Short Story

13 Aug

We met amid the processes of regaining our faiths in humanity and love and we broke each other’s hearts in our search for eternal happiness.


We laughed a lot


He hid his selves while I grabbed his hand and took him for a trip across my universes. We wandered in my dimensions and spheres.

I took him to the darkest spots in there, he pulled his hand from mine. I cried.

I cried a lot


He shared his vices.

He danced a lot


He swam inside of my blood

I sank in him


We drank a lot

We laughed a lot

We loved a lot


He tried to fit me in her silhouette

But I am not that thin – I suppose- and I certainly have bigger boobs

I was blocking her silhouette, only a few centimeters of her showed above my head


That scared him

He didn’t really want to not to see her

He didn’t want to forget her


I didn’t hate her

I didn’t love her either


I was jealous of how beautiful she looks in his eyes. I liked her.



They broke each other’s hearts in sake of keeping that eternal happiness they felt in each other’s arms.



We loved a lot but not that much

He danced but we didn’t

I cried and I didn’t


We laughed. We always will